Our ecological Engagement

It is of utmost concern for Qip Patentanwälte to always provide professional and high-quality
service in representing our clients' interests. In this regard, we engage in actions that consider
the impact on our environment. For example :

  • By using modern communication means, we can minimize the use of paper.
    Our long-term goal is to provide a technical environment that enables
    a transition from a paper-reduced to a paper-less office. Up to this point,
    certified eco-friendly paper is used for most printed jobs.
  • In our office space we use certified electricity from renewable energy resources
  • On our business trips we prefer using the railway. However, in case this is
    impossible, we absorb the additional costs for neutralizing the associated
    ecological footprint
  • Our office is located very centrally and is therefore perfectly accessible by public
  • Privately and for business trips, our partners us eco-friendly cars like a station wagon
    supplied by LPG (liquid petroleum gas), an extremely fuel-saving Volkswagen
    Lupo 3l and, for special purposes, an electrically driven car.