Quality, Quantifying and eQology

We are a young ambitious law firm which specializes in intellectual property, particularly in the prosecution, enforcement and defense of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks.

We founded our firm on the following principles:

Quality in IP, which means for us searching for the best possible approach in supporting our clients when protecting their ideas. This includes analyzing each case individually, developing optimum strategies of protection, acting and reacting quickly , and advising each client according to his special needs.

Quantifying IP, which includes for us to, upon seeking and enforcing our clients protective rights, not only care for all legal aspects but to also take into account economic considerations. This may begin with evaluation or commercialization of individual patents or entire portfolios and may be extended to developing complex protection strategies.

Ecology or, allow the play of words, eQology with IP, which means for us, caring also for ecological concerns when seeking for protection for our client’s intellectual property.

Our law firm was founded in 2014. Prior to this, the founders, Dr. Ralph Kuehn and Dr. Andreas Sykora, have worked in one of the largest IP law firms in Germany (Maiwald), where Dr. Ralph Kuehn has been one of the managing directors (partner) between 2008 and 2014.

Our law firm is located right at the centre of Munich, only 50m away from the main railway station and approximately 700m away from the European Patent Office.

As an additional concern during the professional implementation of our client’s tasks in all IP matters we aim at acting with ecological discernment.